Golden Post Awards: 2015 Finalists


Golden Post Awards“Golden Post Awards” is the first major awards program exclusively designed to recognize the outstanding use of social media by U.S. local and state government agencies.

Winners were named from this selection of Finalists on April 30, 2015, at the Government Social Media Conference & Expo (GSMCON) in Reno, Nevada.

In addition to selecting finalists, the Awards Team also selected certain nominees for recognition as as Honorable Mentions, which appear below the Finalists.

2015 FINALISTS (listed alphabetically)

Social Media for Citizen Engagement

City of Austin, Texas (view nomination)
City & County of Honolulu, Hawaii (view nomination)
City of Miramar, Florida (view nomination)
Durham, North Carolina (view nomination)
State of Maryland (view nomination)

Best Use of Humor on Social Media

Arizona Department of Transportation (view nomination)
City of Bryan Texas Fire Department (view nomination)
City of Roanoke Virginia (view nomination)
Dunwoody Police Department, Georgia (view nomination)
Howard County Fire and Rescue Services, Maryland (view nomination)
Lakeland Police Department, Florida (view nomination)

Top Government Social Media Leader (non-elected)

Chad Wiebesick, Michigan Economic Development Corp (view nomination)
Cheryl Bledsoe, Clackamas County Communications (CCOM), Oregon (view nomination)
Chief Billy Grogan, Dunwoody Police Department, Georgia (view nomination)
Joseph Kostecki, South Toms River Borough, New Jersey (view nomination)
Tom Brazelton, City of Ankeny, Iowa (view nomination)

Social Media in Solving Crime

City of Sioux City, Iowa (view nomination)
Coral Springs Police Department, Florida (view nomination)
Gloucester Township Police Department, New Jersey (view nomination)
Los Angeles County Sheriff, California (view nomination)
Oakland County, Michigan (view nomination)

Social Media in an Emergency

Howard County Fire and Rescue Services, Maryland (view nomination)
Oakland County, Michigan (view nomination)
Snohomish County, Washington (view nomination)
Summit County, Utah (view nomination)
Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) for #SMEM (view nomination)

Top Elected Official on Social Media

Dan Daley, City of Coral Springs Florida Commissioner (view nomination)
Jeff Jackson, North Carolina Senator (view nomination)
John Curtis, Mayor of Provo City, Utah (view nomination)
Ruben J. Kihuen, Nevada State Senator (view nomination)

Comprehensive Government Social Media Policy

City of Harrisonburg, Virginia Social Media Policy (view nomination)
Clackamas County 9-1-1 (C-COM) Social Media Policy (view nomination)
Palm Beach County, Florida Social Media Policy (view nomination)

Government Social Media Campaign

City of West Hollywood, California (view nomination)
Lakeland Police Department, Florida (view nomination)
Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Michigan (view nomination)
Padre Dam Municipal Water District-Santee Lakes, California (view nomination)
Shakopee Police Department, Minnesota (view nomination)

Outstanding Social Media Results

California Highway Patrol (view nomination)
City of Roanoke, Virginia (view nomination)
Dunwoody Police Department, Georgia (view nomination)
Lakeland Police Department, Florida (view nomination)

Honorable Mentions

Certain nominations were selected to receive special distinction as an Honorable Mention. Although these entries do not continue to the next level, the Awards Team felt they deserved particular recognition.

Wanda Willis, Harrisonburg Virginia Fire DepartmentFor genuine passion and commitment in educating the public.
Nominations in the Top Government Social Media Leader category focused on leaders known on social media both for their agency and as individuals. Willis certainly fostered engagement with the public on the Department’s social media profiles. The Awards Team noted the quality of the comments made by peers and the public, which highlighted a deep respect for someone who genuinely cares about the lives of others. (view nomination)

City of Miramar, FloridaFor rallying participation from citizen networks.
The crowdsourcing portion of Golden Post was amped up when the City of Miramar rallied participation of their followers and received several top ranking entries. Proof of the power of embracing your citizen networks to take action. (view nominations 1, 2 3, & 4. Note: Miramar was named a Finalist in the Citizen Engagement category.)

Oakland County Social Media PolicyFor providing guidance on making transient posts part of the permanent record.
Oakland County’s social media policy provides clear guidance on the need to treat social media posts as a public record. Importantly, it explains how and when posts are to be handled to ensure compliance with the state freedom of information act. (view nomination)

Washington State Department of TransportationFor infusing personality into social media content.
Washington DOT social media content can be informative, anecdotal, and even humorous. They have mastered the art of making traffic updates interesting to build their following, which matters in emergency situations where quickly sharing information to a large audience is critical. (view nomination)

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